What Are the Main Features of eyeZy?

eyeZy – What Are the Main Features of eyeZy?

You can log into the personal control panel of eyeZy to see all the messages sent or received. It is easy to use and can track every activity that takes place on the device. With the notification alert feature, eyeZy can monitor the SMS applications and track user details. Its list view interface allows you to see all the messages and conversations in one place. It also lets you log into the phone from any computer or device.

Target Device

The main goal of eyeZy is to record all the phone activities that occur on the target device. This includes tracking all SMS messages and phone calls. You can also monitor the internet browsing activities. The application can monitor both Android and iOS devices. This application requires physical access to the target device. You can track a phone’s activities by signing into your account through the online interface. You will be asked to enter your billing details. Once you have verified your account, you will be able to see the activities that are being done on the phone.

Track All Media Contents

The eyeZy application can track all media contents that are played on a mobile device. The app can also track calls, but the feature is limited in scope. It can only track calls if the caller’s phone number is known. You cannot spy on the phone’s location if it is running on GPS. You can also monitor its instant messaging and chat sessions. But these are the only features of eyeZy that are currently limited.

Using eyeZy, you can monitor all phone activities from a central location. You can view the contact list, IM messages, and browsing history in a dashboard. You can track all the phone calls made or received and view all the texts and media files that were sent and received on the target device. All of this information is available in a convenient way. However, the most impressive feature of eyeZy is its ability to find the names of people whose phones it is monitoring.

Social Media

The eyeZy app can be used to monitor employee and child communications. It stores data online and updates the system in real time. Many people use social media to keep track of their children. While these apps can be highly addictive, they can also lead to child molesting. With eyeZy, you can monitor all these activities from anywhere in the world. It is possible to check the location of any phone from anywhere at any time.

Apart from tracking the phone’s activity, eyeZy also supports 20+ social media apps. It is compatible with WhatsApp, Google+, Viber, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts. You need an Android device to use eyeZy. Its features are listed below. Its main advantages are: The app is a universal monitoring app. You can use it on your own or with a trusted spy.

eyeZy and Operating Systems

The eyeZy app supports Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry operating systems. It logs incoming and outgoing emails, uploads photos taken by the camera, and records website history. It can be used from any location. The app has a simple interface, and it does not require root access. The eyeZy app is an app that does not require installation on the target device. All it needs is an internet connection and a smartphone.

App’s Support

It is undetectable and offers great support. It can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, and can even keep tabs on other activities such as Facebook and IM chats. It can also track GPS location. Users can also monitor Facebook messages. The eyeZy app can be used to monitor cell phone activity. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works well on both. The program runs in the background and synchronizes with the target device.


eyeZy is compatible with all Android devices. It is installed on the target device. Users can monitor the phone’s activities by accessing the eyeZy web portal. You can monitor phone calls, SMS messages, emails, GPS location, and GPS location. There are many more features of eyeZy that you may not have imagined possible. Once you have a free account, you can track all the devices connected to it.